I'm Carlos Ballesteros Velasco, a passionate 32-years-old developer that loves computer science.

I started learning programming when I was 9, and started developing websites at the age of 14.

Right now, I'm available for hiring.

Professional experience

I started creating websites as freelance.

Over the years I have worked for different local, national and international companies doing all kind of work: from frontend development, to backend, fullstack, tooling, technical writing, tech leading among others.


On 2006, I won medals on the Spanish Programming Olympiads, the Iberoamerican, and the international one.

Personal experience

Since I love computer science and I was able to learn thanks to people sharing their code I'm also a huge fan of OpenSource.

In my spare time I have created tons of interesting projects covering lots of areas: from compilers, to emulators, to template engines, to web frameworks, cryptographic and mathematical libraries, or videogame frameworks.

More details

If you want to find out more, you can check my portfolio, github, and blog.